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“In order to change the printout of the body, we must learn to rewrite the software of the mind.”
Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Visualization works for everything else. Why not visualize your perfect body – thin and fit and toned? As you visualize your perfect body at your ideal weight, you are actually creating it. In accordance with the Law of Attraction, the process for attracting and creating your ideal body is the same as for attracting and creating anything you desire – focus on what you want until you bring it into being. As you visualize yourself thin, voila, you will be thin!

Become a Magnet for Your Perfect Body. Visualization is such a powerful process because your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between something that is real and something that is vividly imagined. As you visualize yourself thin, you become a vibrational match to your desire – you actually become a magnet for a thin body. As you consistently imagine yourself thin, you are creating that exact image.

Visualization is the key to intentional creation. Because your mind thinks in pictures and images, as you visualize, you are programming your subconscious mind. As you create a clear mental picture of the body of your dreams, you are employing the power of visualization to manifest the body of your dreams. Your subconscious mind becomes more receptive to your desires when they are charged with strong emotion. When you conjure up the vision AND the feeling of your desire, you activate the vibration of your desire and the Universe responds with the manifestation.

Visualization Exercise. Sit or recline comfortably. Close your eyes and take a few long slow deep breaths. Focus on your breathing as you enter into a quiet meditative state. Allow distractions and idle thoughts to float on by. Relax and breathe. As you relax, begin painting a picture in your mind of the body you desire. See yourself already living in this fabulous shape. Visualize your desire as clearly as you can. As you paint the picture, sink deeply into the feeling place of your desire. Deeply FEEL yourself living in your ideal body. Envision the body you truly desire with strong emotion.

See yourself as vividly as possible living your amazing life in your amazing body. Visualize yourself in your ideal body at your ideal weight and experience it as if it exists now. Make this picture so real that you actually feel thin and fit and gorgeous. Imagine the way you look, feel, act, and speak. See what exhilarating activities you’re engaged in and see who you’re enjoying them with. See and feel your body with great emotion exactly the way you want it to be. Imprint this picture in your mind. After a few minutes of intensely experiencing your desire, take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes.

Hold The Vision of Your Perfect Body. Two excellent times to visualize are as you’re drifting off to sleep at night and as you’re waking up in the morning. In those times, you’re in a state of allowing – relaxed and focused inward. It’s helpful to continue to visualize throughout the day as well. When you continue to see yourself as a thin person, your subconscious mind will move you into actions that align with the vision you hold. Replay this mental image every chance you get. See and feel yourself looking fit and feeling fine. So, go ahead, visualize your perfect body. Visualize Yourself Thin!


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